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Hot Trend for Businesses on Social Media: Subtitling Instagram Stories Can Increase Brand Reach

In 2019, it is predicted that one of the major Instagram trends will be increased business video content production for Instagram Stories and IGTV. Engagement and reach of those videos, on the other hand, will be the rising challenge, which can be aided with video captioning.

Based on Instagram’s data, Stories receive 400 million daily views, and a third of these most-viewed video clips are those put out by brands. For example, popular clothing brand, Gap, showed a 73 percent higher click-through rate through using stories than in its previous Instagram campaigns which were just image-based.

Furthermore, it was shown that one fifth of brands received a direct message as a result of their Instagram Stories. IGTV also empowers Instagram’s one billion global users with the opportunity to create and upload videos which range between one minute and one hour in length, and has been used by companies such as Chipotle and Louis Vuitton.

In addition to using Instagram Stories and IGTV to tap into new audiences, it has also been found that brands can further their reach by adding subtitles to their Instagram video content, also increasing their reach amongst potential customers who may speak English as a second language. Thanks to subtitles, their product will be clearer to understand, increase followers, and hopefully translate into sales.

Furthermore, subtitles are also useful for inclusivity purposes. 35 million Americans and 71 million adult Europeans suffer from a hearing impairment, so subtitles can help attract these audiences as well.

Looking at video content engagement metrics, captions can help increase total video viewing time and reach, produce more reactions to videos, generate more story shares, increase overall number of views and urge more CTA click-throughs.

In spite of the benefits that subtitled Instagram Stories and IGTV can bring to a brand, there is no in-app function that allows users to create and immediately upload their subtitles to go along with their video. This means that users will need to use an external subtitling app to create their texts.

Transcription service providers could be a great resource with preparing video subtitles, especially with longer videos.

“Outsourcing video subtitling to transcription providers can save businesses time and reduce error rates,” commented GoTranscript CEO, Peter Trebek. “It is also worth considering that transcription services can translate subtitles, meaning a brand can further increase its reach by translating captions to fit the language of target markets.”

According to Instagram, 40% of Instagram Story videos are viewed without sound. This could prove an obstacle for many businesses, because videos with captions are viewed more frequently and their content is viewed longer.

For businesses and brands, 2019 will be all about optimizing quality video content, where videos must be engaging even with the sound off. With ‘storifying social’ set to take off as almost 1 billion consumers and businesses turn to stories on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, accessibility and originality will be key to them successfully getting their brand message across.


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