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Hot opportunities for hotels that want to become more social-savvy

If you feel like your hotel is missing out on a slice of the digital pie, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Very few people in hospitality are fully utilising everything digital and social has to offer, so founder of @SpectacularMark and The Spectacular Marketing Podcast, Mark McCulloch, has shared his suggestions for how you can make a start.

Hot opportunities for hotels in 2019

1. Creating constant content – Would it not be amazing to see the moment where The Ritz first opened its doors or Jeff Bezos at Amazon’s first year working all of the hours, packing books and shaping what became Amazon? Hire a videographer and start documenting everything. Make TV-style shows and put them out daily on You Tube and your social media channels.

2. Facebook advertising – The backend of Facebook is still largely untapped by hospitality. Get to know it well and sell more events by targeting friends of friends who have big birthdays, or constantly target your competitors’ customers to get their business over to you.

3. Being ‘grammable’ – Horrible word, but it is true. How can your venue create a stage for people to perform on (i.e. take photos to share on their channels as part of their own personal brand). When someone posts about you, interact with them immediately. Also keep an eye out for microinfluencers (10k + followers with good post engagement) and be especially engaging with them.

4. Having food that is good enough to tweet – Is your food really fit for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? Look at your presentation, plates, cutlery, staging. Small changes mean that you could be shared to millions, not just two diners.

5. Having a voice strategy – Speech is taking over touch. What are you going to do to change ordering, booking room service and how you are found online, in line with the world’s move to speech via Siri, Alexa and more?

6. Making delivery work for you – Work with Deliveroo and Just Eat to get a slice of that delivery market and make it work for you. Either allowing guests to order in and making it easy for them, or delivering your amazing food out to others in the area. Limited menus and strong packaging will work well. If even Toby Carvery can do it, you can too.

7. Facebook groups – Find, at a local level, the main Facebook groups/communities where people share information. Give them special offers and insider info to bring them to your venue and make you feel like part of the community.

8. Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger groups for VIPs – If you add these two messaging platforms together, they have more monthly active users than Facebook itself. There is a huge opportunity for you to make this a loyalty platform where you create groups and market to them as VIPs and giving them reasons to constantly come back and see you. Forget plastic loyalty cards, and points, this is a new age way of making your audience feel valued and special.


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