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Grandparents drive the growing trend for multi-gen holidays – and foot the bill

A study carried out by The House of Daniel Thwaites surveyed over 1,000 people in the UK and found that 15% are now choosing to take holidays with extended family.

Travelzoo has also researched the trend with a survey of 1,700 people and discovered that more than 40% of multi-gen holidays are booked by grandparents.

Not only are the older generation driving the bookings of these holidays, but they are also the most likely to be covering the cost – 34% of grandparents paid for the whole family, compared to 13% of parents who paid for everyone.

Spending quality time together as a family is the greatest factor in booking a multi-gen holiday, with 83% of Travelzoo respondents and 60% of House of Daniel Thwaites respondents citing this as their number one reason for the trip.

The House of Daniel Thwaites survey also revealed that 55% claimed that these holidays offer the chance for grandparents to spend time with grandchildren they don’t often see, with 45% saying it allowed families who live further apart the chance to come together.

When asked what they would look for when booking a multi-generation holiday, the top five features were a great location with lots to do (67%), great facilities for all age groups (65%), a choice of dining options (43%), a range of accommodation in one location (40%), and family or interconnecting room (26%).

Additionally, according to Travelzoo 48% of grandparents said that in hindsight they would have liked to have gone on a multi-generational holiday with their own parents and children, and 37% of respondents said that they are booking another multi-generational holiday next year.

Travelzoo UK general manager James Clarke said: "It's interesting to see that it is the grandparents who are pushing for the multi-generational holidays, both in a financial and emotional sense. As our lives become busier and it becomes more difficult for families to spend quality together, big family holidays across the generations become more and more important."


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